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Why bother with a coach at all…

September 18, 2018


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I wanted to talk about this more.  Why get a coach when there are so many ways you can find what you are looking for for free, watch a video, download a PDF, sign up for a free class…  When I spoke to a client earlier this week about what a coach does, I should qualify that to say this is what I do as a coach, we are not all the same.  Please do a lot of research, the way you find out your own answer to seeking the support you need – please do not believe sales copy, slick marketing video’s or hearsay.  Read the testimonials, watch them and ask questions. But do go on your instinct too.  Most times it is right – and then ask a few question and make a call to talk.  This is the only way you are going to really ‘feel’ the energy of your coach and if it matches what you are seeking.

I digress.  I am too taken with going with the flow of life that sometimes I do jump around.  My intention is that you find this enjoyable rather than annoying.  So I was talking to a client about what I do…  for you… and her…

When I found coaching I also learnt how to coach at the same time… Why?  Because this was a space that was so much more than than what I had felt before.  It was deeper.  It challenged me further than I had been before.  And it made me come alive.  I found a space that challenged my beliefs, my intellect and I couldn’t see, for the first time, what was coming next.

This was something different… and I liked it!

I start with an interview of two hours and I ask a lot of questions about you and piece together the energy of who you are. Throughout the interview we will go through a gambit of emotions and stories and between these we find the essence of you. We touch deeper we go under the surface of your mask…

Here is where the truth of you lies..

This is where I find my role for our relationship. The space to which I am going to make clear to you.  Think of it like this.  You are in a pool, and there are a lot of old toys, some have sunk, some you havent seen for a while and you are tired.  Splashing about trying to find a way to get the energy you used to have when you were young… during the ‘interview’ I find out what in this moment takes you to that space, what takes you to a space where you are just you.  And you feel it.  It is a sensation, not a thought.  My role is to be conscious of who you are in that moment – and that is what I hold you accountable to.

That is the space I hold for you.

So you can breathe it in and remind yourself, when you forget and go back to old patterns, what you are here for and who you are underneath it all.  Over the following months, we talk through patterns, discoveries and you find and connect more with that space.  Who you are and when you find that space.  We make it familiar again.  For it has always been there, but when we clutter up our lives, we lose the connection that was once there. The strength in who you are.

So this time you know

And this time you can then get more playful, free and also focused.  Because it makes you more intentional – clearing out habits that weigh you down.

You just don’t get this from a book.  You don’t.  It takes courage, but mostly it takes you realising that if you don’t invest in the change you seek, or you only invest a small amount – this is what you get back.  I know this because I have experienced this.  I am awful at watching the re-run.  I know if I don’t watch live (I love realness) then it is highly unlikely that I will watch later – I like the company… and I know you do to!

If you would like to have a real conversation with a real coach about your life and how it is working out for you, message me today at kerry@kerryhales.com.  I will be ready with my interview full of curiosity!

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