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Blink and you will miss it…

September 25, 2018

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There are times when we need a to just stop and look at what we are doing.  Of course I do this when I am coaching.  I am the STOP THAT SH*T will you girl.  It works.  At times and others… not so much… but it is worth it.  I call it being brutally honest.  I am in a position of trust and also skillset to know when I can tell it we need a bit of honesty around here.  And this illusion that has grown thorns it has been so long in its growth…  We just need to say…

It is a weed dear sister.  Cut it down.

But I digress.  This was about being a parent.  And that fleeting time.  There is never a time when I have my bed to myself, unless all three of my men in the house are away – very rare.  I had both boys up in bed with my a few nights ago when my man was away.  How can I say no when the second son said, its ok I will camp at the bottom of the bed!  He found his solution and it was ME who he wanted to hang out with.  Little ol me.  His mum.  I was thrilled and then I made them both laugh that night when I said – well I am the only person who NEVER gets the bed to herself.  They stopped and looked at each other and realised this was true.  I never do.  I give it up for them.  Please do not get me wrong – I do NOT give up my dinner, my seat or other aspects of our lives that I feel are the MartyrMum Syndrome – but I will give up my bed for a snuggle and someone to steal the bedclothes…

Why am I posting?  I feel that this is a reminder to all of us.  No matter who you are sharing your life with.  We can take out the parents and put in friends, animal owners or any other relationship.  This time is fleeting and if we do not get to be who we are here… when.  This time is here now, so put it off thinking that there will be more time is foolhardy.  There are too many what if’s.

Today, can you read this quote.  Sit and get curious about who you are not spending enough ‘time’ with and make a decision to do something about that.  Do something that you want to about that.  Journal on it, believe it and see what you want to do about your life now.  Because if you are feeling you could do more.  Then know this.

You can.


My boy the sea monster!

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