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Are you waiting for the end…

October 31, 2018


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I have just launched a new product which means I have been all over social media sharing with all of my heart.  How often do you do that?

Share with ALL of your heart?

I mean this with everything I have.  One of the joys about being your own employer is that you get to choose what you do.  And that can also be a huge inhibitor – because it is down to you.  So no matter what you do – your boss is always watching and if you do not watch your ‘boss’ and her tactics you can get bogged down and not let yourself share what you want.

I have been sharing for a long time and as you can see, there are times when I can share a lot and other times a little less.  Honestly, these times when my self belief is in check or not.  If I am doing the work on my mindset to get out there and share what I know I can do to help those who need a girl like me in their lives.  Because I am just a girl underneath and if I do not work on making sure she is nurtured and safe – she keeps things close.

Too close.

I will keep it to me.  I will keep it and allow my mind to tell it isn’t good enough to share… people will laugh at you… it isn’t professional… you waffle…  your chins are showing… some other coach is so much better than you…  this isn’t a real job…

The list goes on and it changes every time I do recognise my ‘fears’.  That’s the minds job – insidious little f*cker!  But this time…

I got to end.

End of waiting.
End of wanting.
End of seeing it happen to everyone else.
End of letting the fear win.
End of playing it so small that I win… but the fear did really.
End of blaming someone else…. that was a VERY LONG LIST
End of not being fit, right hair cut/colour/shaved…

It’s time. I’ve waited. I watched. And it’s a sad story. The end.

So I have created something that I feel talks to you.  For you. For me, for you. I love what it is doing to women’s lives.  It is what I do.  And if you want to get to the end of the excuses. This is for you, from me with love.  So much love.  Love for the woman who know they are playing small.

I look forward to talking to you.  The end.

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