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Do you need to hear some home truths…

December 3, 2018

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“Tell me Kerry!  What do I need to know about life so I can go and live my life?”

“Just tell me what I need to know…”

This is all well and good but…  It might hurt.  In fact it will hurt.  It will hurt so bad that you will want to go back to not knowing… but when you step through the door of freedom you can’t go back.  For when you seek the truth of life you are asking for an element of freedom that brings chaos into your life.

Do you still want to go through it?

“Yes, yes I do.  But I am already hurting.  And it is killing me slowly.  Slowly I am not asking a lot of myself anymore… I comply.  I don’ t ask for what I want anymore, because I have compromised so often that I just don’t aim anymore.  I play safe.  I go to the same places, do the same things…  I order the same takeaway!

This.  I want this to stop!

I want to live a life where it is simple but connected.
I want to live a life where I know my values are on board, not sidelined to when they are convenient or I can play them attention… the when I… conversation…  When will I live my life?  When will I get frustrated enough to change it?  or desperate to change it.”

I am not sure when you are ready to talk to me.  I hope it will be soon.  I will be ready, because I have been there.  Many times and I know as hard as it is to change the only way to make it easier… to shift the shit…

So the home truth is…  choose you and do it as quickly as you possibly can.  And get help.

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