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How hard can it be to follow your dream?

November 14, 2011

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I want to ask you something that plagues me… how difficult do you think it is to follow a dream? 5, ten, hundred times as hard? Take a minute to see firstly what would you do, now what would you really do… where would you start, how much do you still need to learn, how much business acumen do you have to do this? How desperate are you to do it…

Oh the list goes on… and on… and on…

The reason I ask is, that if it surely is that difficult how come people do it at all? why not live the easier option and follow the crowd? Get up and do your day, come home, change what you can and then do it again the following day, week, year… Don’t get me wrong if I could do this again it would make my life infinitely easier, but I have no choice, you can’t go backwards after becoming aware of there being a bigger reason you are here…

So my question to you is a tough one as I know once you start on this quest you can’t go back… Are you really ready?

What would you do? what is your dream? GO ON it is Monday after all – nothing can get worse!

I wish you a fabulous week,

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