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Nov 3, 2011

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It may sound strange to say but no one cares what you do, but you.

Just you.

I came to this realisation this week when I was having difficulty in explaining to some ‘ears’ about what I wanted and they were more interested in telling me about their flu jab…  It came as a shock.  At first I found myself feeling very isolated, but then came the liberation!

Me.  It is all about me and what I want.  No one else really cares what I do as long as I am happy. ’ Happiness’ people care about – oh yes – the detail…not really.

So having come to this realisation I decided that life is very simple and I need not try to take time to explain to others.  This takes me away from what I want and… again they do not care.

What is it you are doing that is taking your time to explain to people that really do not care.  Take a mental look around and see how much of your time is wasted.  Let them be and  get on with life.  Everyone will be far happier!

Have a great day!

Your coach,


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