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Jan 5, 2012

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How much do you ‘trust’ you?

I recently heard the words ‘trust herself’ put to me in such a way that I really had to stop and think whether I was doing just that?  What do you trust yourselves for?  What can you trust yourself to do?  I realised that it is now my time to trust in being the person my journey has taken me to – to be a coach and get rewarded for it.  For too long I saw myself as NHS employee by day and I got to me a ‘coach’ at night – like a treat…

What is it that you see as a treat rather than what orwho you are?  Or recently to borrow Oprah’s wise words are you being the ‘highest, fullest expression of yourself?’ wow that got me…  Nope.  Not me.  I was hiding behind many reasons as to why my business wasn’t working how I ‘wanted’ it to be and it was a great blame game.

Now last year I was made redundant from my ‘real’ job.  Hmmm… A  dilemmma! Do I get another ‘secure’ job… or to finally ‘trust’ and go it alone…


Just me and what I really have to give…  me.  A coach.  And you.

If you trusted you, what would 2012 really look like for you?

To support you on this, I am offering the first three respondents to this newsletter a one off hour coaching session – I am very curious to see who responds…

The Foot Reader – Jane Sheehan

A friend of mine is a foot reader – yes she is one quirky individual and to be honest I laughed when she told me what she did..and then she ‘read’ my feet… I know… I know… its hilarious and yet she is a very successful business woman who has been on Good Morning Britain and other TV stations, she has a book and does group readings and so many other things for reading feet!

Why am I telling you – well apart from the fact that she also now has me writing in her newsletter (get me!) she is out there doing what she loves and has made a business from it – reading feet! oooh I could swear!

Brilliantly done Jane – so take a look!  or just google foot reading and see what comes up!

Mastermind Groups – Coming this February

If you, like me, are an aspiring entrepreneur then you will understand how at times it can be a lonely business.  This year I am using my organisational skills to get groups together to support one another – once a month – to assist in finding ways forward in your business.  I will make sure it is fun and structured – so we all get something from it.  If you are curious please contact me on

Your coach,


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