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What if there were no weekends?

October 2, 2015

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I get the feeling there will be a few who are shouting ‘what the f**k is she talking about?!’ with this one…  I know…  I am feeling a little feisty today!

Why am I asking to abolish weekends?  The same reason I tell my clients that do NOT wait for the dream #livelifedaily.  There is no point in making the good bits of your life extra good to make up for the sh*t you get to do most days – it just doesn’t work like that. It is the real life version of the 5:2  I can eat what I like or do what I like 5 out of 7 days because the 2 days I can bare to be mean (!) to myself I can do…  wtf is that all about?

Here are a few more things that I want to suggest… What if there was no such thing as

  • ‘wine o’clock’
  • The TV programme that washes over you to numb your brain a little more
  • The ‘treat’ food that is the total opposite to the reality of it
  • Booking a holiday, so you can tolerate what you have to do daily
  • Buying something that you really do not need just to get your fix
  • Reading magazines with ‘fake’ lives and aspiring to them

Instead of front loading our lives with stuff we love, we ‘fix’ it with stuff we don’t.

If you really want a #lifeyoulove – and I am making a huge assumption you do, then what #brutalhonesty do you need to hear?

How about?

  • Your dream will not come true unless you start it
  • Your body will not keep its elasticity and flexibility if you feed it sh*t and do not move it
  • Your health will deteriorate if you are not pro-actively looking out for it
  • Earning more money will not make you happier
  • Whining about how others have it ‘easy’ will not make you or anyone else feel better about your situation
  • No one makes it overnight
  • It is going to take focus, and you are going to have work on stuff you do not want to with all of your being
  • You will want to give up
  • It is much, much, much (did I say that enough?) harder than watching a screen version of the perfect life…

bullshit detectorSo, rant over.  Or nearly…  I have been spending my time focusing on what I do for my clients and it is a lot of this.  Cutting through the BS of life and really nailing what you want from yours.

The reality is… this is it!

Here and now.
Rant over.

Normal service may or may not be restored next time… 😉

Oh before I go without telling you…  I am now on #periscope and #BLAB so you get me LIVE.  Full on me.  I post on my facebook page when each time – so if you want to see more of me in the flesh…  I am there.  I love it.  Why?  because it is real, authentic and there is no editing.  Just me and whoever turns up!  Come and have fun!

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