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Where is the Olympian in you?

August 8, 2012

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I am sorry I have been away for so long – a few things have happened to my family recently and I have been coming to terms with seeing life my differently.  I will share with you in the future as things progress and I can share my learning.

Have you enjoyed watching the Olympics?  I could easily sit and watch all day long!  It has been such a refreshing change to see our country unite in celebration, instead of whining about life’s tribulations.  I have not watched the news for weeks and it has made a wonderful impact!

My curiosity today has an Olympian feel to it; I believe we all have something wonderful to share in this lifetime.  I do.  I believe that given the right support and intention we all have magnificence within each and everyone of us. We are all here to ‘do’ something unique and share our gift with the rest of the world.  For the Olympians currently competing they have found theirs, and they are ‘lucky’ enough to have found their focus.

The challenge is… Where is your focus?

If you are struggling with what you are here for it looks like this:

  • You are overweight
  • You are living where you do not want to
  • You are ‘working’ for something you do not care about
  • You are in a relationship that you are unhappy with…

The list is very straight forward, but most of my clients will be in one of these categories – they, unfortunately are not unique in their desires for a different life.  They are, however, doing something about it and they are taking responsibility to do it differently.

They are choosing to focus on finding and doing what they want.  Just like the amazing Olympians are doing so well at showing the world over this 17 day sporting feast.

So I ask you.  I know you have it in you.  I believe it.

If you could be an Olympian (and you can – just ask Helen Glover) what would your chosen ‘sport’ be?











When I say ‘sport’ I mean what is it that you are awesome at?  What is it that makes you want to do it more?  What is it that time ceases to exist when you do it?  What is it that makes you smile just thinking of doing it?

These types of questions are all relevant when trying to figure out what it is that makes you special and believe me, you are special.  Unique.  Different.  One of a kind.

Stand OUT from that crowd and own the Olympian in YOU!

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