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October 10, 2019

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I thought that might grab your attention.  How do we keep our sanity in an ever changing world that spends more and more time lost in a screen and an illusion of ‘you can have it all’.

Yes I am a believer in manifesting what you want
Yes I do think, if you can think it you can create it
Yes I do believe you can change your life
Yes I do think that you can have it all…

but… I KNOW that we do NOT want to have ALL of what others want.  And that is the difference.

I do not want ALL of what Beyonce has.  Or Sheryl Crow. Or René Zellweger or an other celebrity for that matter.  OR my friens too… Why?  Because what you see is AN ILLUSION of what life is really like for them and what they do.  And YOUR LIFE is not theirs.  So, when we talk about HAVING IT ALL… what does that really mean for you?

Where do you start when creating this  ‘must have it all or I have failed’ life..

This goal is at epidemic status. We are all chasing a fucking illusion and it has to stop.  We think we can do it all, and yet we can’t.  And it is causing us to much stress and anxiety of the ‘not enough’ lifestyle we chase.  And life becomes one long chase. Chasing a story of what we think life will be like when we have it all.

NEWSFLASH!  It does not happen.

How you live your life is how you live your life.  So how come I coach people to CHANGE THEIR LIFE.  It is a process.  Not a long drawn out process.  In fact I can do it really quick – for you to see what is and isnt working is the first step.  Notice what you LOVE V’s LOATHE in your life.  We start there.

Then we declutter.  Clearing out old patterns of behaviour and stories of your life – clearing is the way to create more space for you to spend doing what you love.  This comes first. So if you are now saying…but Kerry, I do not know what that is… I am here to tell you – that is OK.  In fact that is usually what is holding lots of my clients in a pattern of compromise.  So you are not alone here.  Compromising is where we get when we do not live a life we want.  And often too scared to take out the shit for fear of the unknown.


Courage is required.  And I know it takes a lot to say, this is not the life I want.  I know because I was you.  I was that girl who saw her life and although it was good… I was successful in what I was doing… when I pressed FFwd… it wasn’t a WOW… just an… ok…  Try it…

Fast forward your life and is it a WOW!  or a WOAH!

After decluttering the next phase is to CONNECT to you.  What do you do to connect to you?  I mean really learn who you are? How do you spend time in just your company or with nature.  Not in front of a device that is telling you what you should or shouldn’t be.  We can get so addicted to being told to do. After all we started that at an early age of sitting down and be told… but you are now in charge and responsible for this being.  This being that is you.


Lastly, once you have created space, connected with you, you can then be confident at a level you may never felt before…

AND there ends my rant for today.

If you are curious to know more about the process we go through to see if this is what you need for you… I am starting my month long in NOVEMBER where we DO IT IN A MONTH.  Yes we do.  Of course it will take the rest of your life to do what you want… but this is a REBOOT to your life.  A recognition that this has to stop and to do something different.  Something that your REALLY WANT.

Not a compromise
Not an illusion
Not a fake reality.

THIS IS REAL LIFE COACHING.  I have been looking into people’s lives for over 16 years and this is what I know to be true.  The life your REALLY want is not the one you think you want.  The difference is to be found when you stop and look at it.  See it, breathe it in and decide.  Decide to act NOW.  THIS IS YOUR LIFE.

If you would like more information on Shift the Shit click here and see if it is for you.  Of course there is an early bird.

Love to you,

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