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Bullet Journaling will save your sanity!

November 4, 2019

Copy of Copy of Journal your way to success

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A bold statement eh.  But it this is so true.  I am a born organiser.  I will organise anything given the time.  So if there is a better way to do something or to reduce the time taking on menial tasks… I am IN.  Systems, processes, scheduling… you name it.  I learn it and love it.  I am the girl friends turn to to figure something out.  It’s the way my brain works – so being a coach I love the second part of working with clients – assisting them to get what they want effectively AND efficiently.

So when I discovered bullet journaling I was smitten!

It is how I keep abreast of running my business, family, puppies, holidays, schools x 2, half term planning, fitness… to name just a few. So when my clients ask me what I do – this is it. I do add in a diary – even though I have a scheduler – because I like to write and my journal – which has personal stuff in and I like to keep that at home.

Why I love it.
Not only does it organise your month, week, year, but it teaches you to let go. As it is a working document, you do things instead of writing up copious notes and never seeing them again. It encourages you to keep up to date in how you focus your day. As you go through the book – depending how many pages you have and how many notes you make – you will get to the end and then is is done! Reviewing what you have already actioned and what you need to take forward, you get to see what you are procrastinating on and what you really want to be creating.


Try it for a month!
I love to pilot things – to see if they work for me. I think it is a byproduct from my project management past – the way to encourage change is to suggest to ‘try before you buy’ approach. Before you buy into what this can really do – is to try it out. Buy a new lined or dotted book – go to the website and do it yourself – they also sell their own versions done for you… so you just fill it in! How easy is that?

Minimalists will love this!

If you like the idea of #decluttering you will love this.  Yes you do need a book of some kind but this reduces all of your notebooks down to one…  and that helps with focus and clarity too.  Can you tell how much I love this?

I ask all of my clients to set this up and do this. If they are struggling to do so – even though there is a step by step guide on the website – we work it through.  Recently I had a client ask to set up a workshop to do just that… so I now do these locally for fun! You turn up – bring all of your note-books and we set you up a BJ and off you go… organised and ready to rock.  One of my client’s wrote up a blog on her experience at the workshop – I think she liked it.  But one of the realities is that as with most new habits… it does take time to implement it and you most likely will fall off the wagon…

If you are near Kent in the UK I am doing one at the beginning of January to set you up for a fabulous 2020.  Here are the details on facebook and come and join my love of being organised!

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