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Are you still ‘engaged’ if you lose your ring?

March 18, 2013

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It happened.  One of my favourite things in the world and I lost it.  Well, to be exact, (as my partner kindly put it) I do know where it is but I am not going to ever see it again.

What have you lost that made you revisit your attachments?

My youngest son and I were off to feed the ducks.  What started out as something very ‘normal’ soon turned into different day.  After cutting up a whole bunch of bread for the ducks to feed, we went to the river.   ‘Grab a lot’ I said and grabbed a bunch and threw it with gusto as far as I could, as an example to him.  I like to think if I throw it as far as I can I help out the ones who aren’t in the front row.  But as I launched the bread to the middle of the river, my ring flew alongside!  Right in front of my eyes, in slow motion (I can still see it flying through the air) just out of my reach.  There it went – all I could do was look on.  Plop!  In it went.  Never to be seen again.


I just stood there.  It was only when my son said ‘mummy your ring!’ that I came to and answered him. “Oh no!  That’s not good is it?”  I was a little numb.  I didn’t want to upset him, and I knew immediately that I couldn’t do anything, so we carried on with our feeding.  For those of you reading this thinking why didn’t I follow in with it – the river was the River Lea – its green, deep and full of dark sludge – I really would never have found it.

So we carried on with our visit to the ducks and swans, and we walked on along the river and eventually back to my parents’ house to share the news.  It was their reaction and subsequent ones that shocked me.  Sorrow and shock.  I didn’t feel these – I did and do keep thinking of it, and I have put in a query to get a replacement.  What else could I do?

I guess my lesson of the day was I loved my ring and it reminded me each day to love who I am with and what we have.  The ‘ring’ was a symbol of that love, but that love is still there whether I could see a piece of metal or not.

My reason for sharing was to share is to say… some days start out ordinary, but they can become extraordinary in a short space of time.  Sometimes by you doing things and others by things happening to you…

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