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Can you commit to learning something new for a month? Just a month?

February 1, 2012

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All aboard!
Buckle Up and Lets Go!

How easy is it for you to change?  To implement something new?  To change an old habit.  To commit to something that you know will change and more than likely improve your life?  Now as a coach this is something I do for my clients every day – asking for commitment and giving support to make this an easier transition – it is, after all what I am paid for.

So this month, February, I have committed to blogging three times a week with the support of a group of like minded people  under the fabulous supervision of two of the best coaches out there.  Lucky me.  Lucky you!  How so?  My blogs are going to get infinitely better – the group is called Better Blogging – so by the ‘name on the tin’ we are both in for a ride.

Hold on, buckle up and lets go!

Oh and if you want to join the ride, let me know and I will support you via email for the month of Feb for free!  Yes, I said free – I am paying it forward.  If you want support in doing something that you know will better your life or business – email me today and commit to the month to change something in your life for the better. Simple.  and title it ‘Kerry I will change my life in a month’ so I know to look out for you!

10 thoughts on “Can you commit to learning something new for a month? Just a month?”

  1. Kerry

    Very nice! A month of something is far less daunting for most of us than a commitment to change the rest of your life, and love that you are offering a similar opportunity for support to your peeps.

    Buckle up indeed!

    Marion x

  2. Hi Kerry. Love the headgear in the fab photo! I’m buckled in and ready to read all about what you’re doing and I admire your generosity of spirit in ‘paying it forward’ to your clients. Well done you!

    1. Hi Alison, it makes me laugh- although I’m sure Frank won’t be best pleased!
      I know a month will do it – with this group of powerhouses we are in a great hands!

  3. I love the photo, Kerry. It’s fab-u-lous! I find images so evoking and they draw me in to read the post. Your “call to action” works well and a commitment for a month is very do-able. Brilliant! Sally

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