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If you carry on like this life will stay the same…

January 31, 2012

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How much do you actually do, each day, to move towards more of a life you want? Anything? Sporadic moments? Focused goals or just doing what you can when you can?

Do you know what you want? Or perhaps did and now there are other distractions in your life that you could ‘suggest’ make it too hard to do it now? Does this sound familiar?

Old goal… but still relevant…

What if, your goals were supposed to include your current challenges? What if you weren’t supposed to achieve your goal or dream without your current situation happening?  What this means, (are you following me?) is now is the perfect time, the right situation and you have been through all you need to achieve your ‘old’ goal now. NOW.

Or could it be that you had a dream and because you lived your life this way it can’t happen now…?

My offer this week  is…

I will offer anyone of my readers ( yes you) a free session to get you back in the ‘now’ and updating your dream to who you are now.

Have a fun week everyone!

Oh and please forward this to anyone you know who likes to test out life’s differences!  I like those kind of people.

My people.

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