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Do you EVER play as if your life depends on it?

January 25, 2016


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Funny how this quote has been bandied about a lot in my years in Personal Development and there are times when I do this and I always get results.  But do we ever do this all the time?

Let me tell you how last week I created a lot of things that I set my intention and focus on.  I am particularly good at not worrying what people think about me.  Being an extrovert I am never bothered by getting the attention and yet there are times when I can get stuck in thinking..

What will people think?

Well last Friday I went to a workshop with the wonder that is Dr Joanna Martin and I thought about how can I get the ‘most’ from my investment.  Apart from the fact that she is totally awesome and practices the philosophy that she gives you as much content as she can fit in as possible – knowing that you it is highly unlikely you will be able to implement it all and more than likely leaving you with a feeling of ‘I want more’…  Anyway, I digress…  I decided that I was going to sit as near to the front as possible and put my hand up whenever I could.  So when she said there were free books at the back – I was up and running and when she asked for a helper on stage… ME! Again I was up!

I wasn’t going to let me worry about what it might have looked like bother me!

The result was that I got a FREE book, that I asked her to sign – in fact I didn’t get to the back quick enough, but as she saw how much effort I made – she gave me one anyway and of course I asked her to sign it.  And I was the ONLY one in that workshop apart from her who was on the stage that day and everyone knew my name…

So my lesson to share is…  what are your intentions and if you had to describe what actions would be to be 100% clear on playing as if YOUR LIFE depended on it… how different would they be?  The difference is just the fear. What if you had the certainty of how you knew it was going to be.

what if you were certain it would work?

Now how different would you feel?

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