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What all the burpees are telling me…

November 19, 2015

burpee challenge

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What am I doing?  What did I say that for?  What is this actually doing for me?  Are just a few of the thoughts I have asked myself over the last 65 days doing my burpee challenge; 1 extra each day till Christmas.  Simple enough I thought.

What I didn’t really understand until now is that I wanted my independence.  I wanted my body back and I wanted to feel in charge.  I wanted to have it looking and more importantly feeling like how I feel inside.  And I knew it was time for a radical shift in how I thought about my body – because I had created an old ladies body and therefore I knew I could create…

The old ladies knickers had to go…

I understand now that when you get yourself a challenge like this… it is the ultimate mind and body challenge that will take no prisoners. If you only get so far and back out, there really is no hiding from it – you are not strong enough to do it.  Now I know I am mentally strong – it is like a muscle – you have to work at it daily and I do that every single day.  I need to for my clients but the reality is I do that for me.  So my daily routine starts at 5am and I spend the next hour and a half on creating the physical and mental representation of how I want to be for my day and my life.

Because every day is your life…

Realising that my thoughts had become a physical representation in my body, was the starting point for me.

My beliefs needed an overhaul…

I went from a 46 year old overweight, sex starved, unhappy woman – to currently a woman totally in touch with her body and how it feels to me.  It feels great to me and my man seriously likes it!  Because I love me – he loves me.

I did this for me.  I had to do it for me.  I knew what I wanted and the way really became clear…  I wanted to change.  I needed to DO something.  You do not get a body and life you love without putting in the work… I set boundaries – feeding my body and nourishing it are all in my daily plan; I sleep well, I burpee… a lot! I eat well and my portion control has become more clear.  I still have a way to go – but that girl in the mirror in her knickers and bounce bra is getting a bod to be proud of… a bikini body!

And in all of this I didn’t realise what I had done for my business.  I knew something was changing but it wasn’t clear.  What was clear that I love being a ‘kick arse’ coach.  I am full of energy and enthusiasm – high vibe!  And I have turned my life around in 65 days…  and with my coaching background I know I can do that for others…

So no more will women find excuses

No more will we not have what we want

No more will you blame others


No more Miss Fluffy Coach.  I mean to change the world and I shall do it one body at a time…

Welcome to the coach that

‘Helps women lose weight, transform their bodies and never diet again!’

Oh yeah!

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