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Do you paint reindeer on your nails?

November 11, 2015

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I sit here and I write because I need to share.  I want to share with you my love.  My love of life and what we have.  I love what I do and I am in this business or as I like to think of it as the ‘game’ that we call life.  I love living, being here on this planet and enjoy being a human and all that brings.

But I do not see that everywhere.  In fact I see a lot of avoidance in life.  A lot of struggle.  A lot of searching or even worse a lot of numbing.  Numbing ourselves to how we live.  We waste our time on sh*t that really doesn’t mean anything.  I mean really nothing.  Just passing the time.  Time that we do not get back.

Honestly, I saw a Facebook post this week on how to paint reindeer on your nails and the idea of spending anyone’s time painting reindeer their nails is a reflection of where we are in society – spending time.  Spent. It upsets me.  We have the ability to be so much and yet I see so much of our time, especially as the big C is approaching, spent on stuff that has no meaning or value in life.

So today I really wanted to sit with you and ask something…

What do you spend you time doing?  

Is it fulfilling?  Is it really what you want to be doing?  Or is it that it is just ‘what we do’?  What if you only had to be responsible for you.  For you own happiness or freedom.  If you had NO FEAR.  None.  It is all gone.  Just for this moment.  Grab that thought and don’t let is disappear into the madness.  Just grab it with all you have and find a way today to really play with it…

Play it out as if you were that person with NO FEAR!

If today was the day you took charge of your life and you had all the power you needed to make it happen… what would you do?

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Have a fabulous ‘reindeer’ free day!

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