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How do you grow?

June 8, 2015

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I am excited.  I realise I say this a lot in my life especially to clients.  If they are up to something that I see they are going to love, I get as excited for them – at times even more so – to encourage the inside reaction to come play on the outside…  Anyway, where was I? Growing with excitement… ah yes…


How do you grow?  When you are in your  ‘groove’ of life it can be really hard or nearly impossible to change ‘lane’ or start in a new field?

I get many questions and frustrated responses from people when they ask what I do.  Some just stare in disbelief.  Or an embarrassed laugh.  I find that many say…

Where would I start?

My response is ‘Start where it is easy,  Start where you feel at ease, Start where you feel your better self at the moment’ that’s where.  When creating something new it can be daunting, and at times terrifying.  Only yesterday I had a client tell me she was petrified of talking to me – really she was saying she was terrified of the ‘idea’ of talking to me and the ‘fear’ (False Evidence Appearing Real…. or my favourite F**k Everything And Run!) in acknowledging that she can change her life…  but if she made it a big horrifying thing it was easier to stay where she was.  Comfortably uncomfortable.

It can be easy!

How?  Taking it slowly.  One step.  One thing at a time.  Just take ten minutes today. Just ten and think what do I like to do?  From there it is not the outcome of your thoughts I want to you learn from, it is the reality that you took time to do something for you and that is how we start to grow.

It can be that simple.

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