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How much of your time is spent doing what you really want to do?

February 6, 2012

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My little man doing what he loves…sit still for a bit and enjoy who you are
What is it that you love to do, but don't do it often enough?

How much time do we spend doing what we want?  So much of our time is lost chasing a large list of To Do’s and must do’s and yet when it really comes down to it – is this really what you want –  list of ticks?

Take a look at my little man’s photo – yes he is adorable (I know I am biased) but the photo is more about what he is not doing.  He is still, focused and enjoying the moment.  Time… spent… just in the moment.

An example of how this happens…
A client of mine is a very successful writer and dancer.  She loves to write and to dance – they are her two main loves in life.  Is she doing them?  Just the two things that motivate her.  Two.  Nope not both of them, of course not.  Why?  Who knows and I don’t really care;  what I do care about is being ruthless about honouring your true passions in life.  Her answer to ‘how can you get to dance more often?’ was answered with ‘I go to a drumming class…!’

How many ‘drumming’ classes do you sign up to when all you really want to do is dance?

Today this reminded me of my passion for photography.  I love my camera.  I love taking photos of my children, but shots that make you want to do something – inspire you – not just a ahhh… so I am going to combine my passion with my lens into my blogging – my goal is for you to enjoy them both.

If you would like to find what makes you ‘dance’ I would love to hear from you!

12 thoughts on “How much of your time is spent doing what you really want to do?”

  1. I’m fascinated by the connection between her dancing and the drumming class, ha ha.

    I love the message in the pic you’ve shared, not just the focus of his activity but the simplicity of it. Confess I keep roses on my window sill beside where I work and marvel constantly at their simple elegant beauty.

    Now, back to ‘duty’ – oops.

  2. Kerry, I just love that picture of a little boy lost in pleasure and how right that, in today’s frenetic world, we waste so much time doing what we consider ‘necessary’ rather than what we enjoy – food for thought, indeed! Thanks for the reminder . . .

    1. He is often ‘lost in pleasure’, I have to stop myself at times talking to him – it is his natural way to be calm like that – unlike his mother!

  3. Following your passion takes a lot of courage if you’re not able to, for whatever reason. The world needs more people like you who are passionate about transforming others to find and act on their true desires – Jan

  4. Kerry,

    I love your post here. Not only the little chap who is adorable but your message about doing what we love. It is the essence of everything that makes one happy and I fully support what you say here. Making ones heart sing is the answer!

    Thank you for this lovely post.


  5. I do so love the way you’ve put that, “being ruthless about honouring your true passions in life”. It’s exactly what Tony and I are working towards (though perhaps not being entirely ruthless just at the moment!), and I feel that too few people do make a priority of doing the things they love. I wonder why that is? Strange really, when you think about it! Ooh, I do so love reading things that get me thinking – thank you 🙂

    1. You are very welcome; that is my forte – making people think differently about life… I am thrilled that you are on your path to ruthlessness – just mix kindness in and you’ll be fine with that man of yours!

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