Is this it?

Is this it?
Jun 15


Do you wonder if this is what you are ‘supposed’ to be doing?  Does that question pop into your head at times?  Why am I here?  Another Monday morning…

Well I can tell you with absolute honesty, that when your mind is asking these questions of you…

The answer is NO!

I know it is bold of me to say so.   But think about it, if it was a Yes!  It would be YES!  Anything other than that is a no.  I cannot be clearer about this.  If you are not saying yes.  It is no.  Maybe – no.  Kinda – no.  Well… no.  A yes is only a yes.  A no is anything other than that.

NO is a great place to start!

What?  How can it be great?  Because, once you recognise that a no is not miraculously going to change into a yes…  no matter how much time, thought or wishing… without action it will not change.

What do you want?

This is my favourite question.  Once we have an agreed ‘No’, we have a benchmark.  We can move from here.  It is only when we are not clear that we are unhappy with how things are, that we do not seek a change.  You now know.

What shall I do with a NO?

Start journalling today.  If you are lost for where to start, here are some ideas to get you being a little more intentional about what you want.

Write three things you are:

  • grateful for
  • would like more of
  • and that you would like less of.

Start creating a life to go from ‘Is this it?!’ to ‘This is IT!’

more to life

Your Coach,


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