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How Serious Are You about Having Fun?

Hello, I wonder at what age it is when life becomes very serious and we then need to stop having fun with it?  I was reminded this morning when I saw this lovely photo and it made me think… How much more fun would life be if you wore a tutu? My ask for you today is What can you…read more →

Apr 30

Will You Come To My Workshop?

Hello. I want you to come to my workshop.  If you are reading my post I want you to come.  I say that because I know your life will change after it.  I do.  I know it is arrogant to say that, believe me I do.  Because I know what it is I need to do and I know I…read more →

Jun 20

What Is Your Body Telling You?

Hello. Have you found Pinterest yet?  I could spend hours on there!  It’s the most beautiful magazine in the world.  I am such a visual person – it really works for me.  Be warned, you could fall for it – I did! I found this great ‘pin’ and wanted to share with you.  As part of my business I get…read more →

Jun 19

What If You Took Responsibility For Everything?

Hello. It’s a bold statement isn’t it.  I should clarify this a little. What if you took the responsibility instead of placing blame? How does that feel?  The only thing you can control in life is you and how you respond or react to life and what it throws at you.  If you try to control external factors; people, teams,…read more →

Jun 14

Trainers and Two Cans of Baked Beans!

Hello. My New Challenge! This is the first of many posts over the coming weeks that I am sharing with you about my taking on a new workout challenge.  I want and need to get really fit to start my workshops! as I want to give you my all out there!  It’s a tough workout (I wonder if I will describe it…read more →

Jun 13

You Are Only As Strong As Your Weakest Link…

Hello. I loved this quote. I think there are two camps; one suggests to focus on your strengths and the other that says you will never go forward unless you address your weaknesses. Which do you think is your way forward? I agree on the title. You are only as strong as your weakest part.  I also agree on working…read more →

Jun 12

Is Cake Making You Fat?

Hello. I know its a funny question but it starts off the ‘blame’ game many of those overweight have.  Some ‘thing’ or ‘one’ to blame.  It’s not my fault I’m…  ______!  I eat because I’m hungry, or because I’m bored, or I just can’t resist food. Why is it that some of my clients, who although highly successful in many areas…read more →

Jun 11

Best Laid Plans and all that!

Hello. Today was different and I loved it. Our car broke. Argh! It’s nothing too serious but my partner told me ‘not to drive it till it is fixed’. I had plans to use it and I also had plans to pick up my boys later. Then there were plans to drop them off again the following day and then…read more →

Apr 24

Are you a Super Hero?

After a tiring morning at a playbarn with my little people last Friday, I returned to my car parked in an icy field.  Driving out I looked in my rear view mirror to see my pal stuck, wheels spinning!  So, of course I stopped and pushed her out.  Later that day my friend sent me this text:  J said ‘Why is…read more →

Feb 13